Monday, October 27, 2014

Fongoli chimpanzee 2015 calendars available! New report about Neighbor Ape projects in Senegal, Fongoli chimps on BBC & Eva's first infant!

Our first round of sales of the 2015 Fongoli chimpanzee calendars went so well, we are going to put in a second order! These calendars feature the adult males of the Fongoli group this year, as well as rescued orphan Toto. Each calendar is $15 (which includes shipping & handling to anywhere in the world), and your purchase of a calendar also means we will buy a second one to be given away in Senegal as part of our education efforts. If you are interested in a calendar (or two!), you can mail a check or money order to Neighbor Ape, 1216 Burnett Ave., Ames, IA 50010, USA. Funds from the sale of the calendars will be used in one or more of our Neighbor Ape projects, which focus on conservation, healthcare and education in southeastern Senegal.

You can also check out our Neighbor Ape page on Facebook, where you can make calendar purchases via the Facebook "Shop Neighbor Ape" app. Feel free to use the message option there to ask any questions.
We've also just posted a project update on the Global Giving website that talks about our latest healthcare project in southeastern Senegal.

More exciting news is that the Fongoli chimpanzees (especially adolescent male Dawson, shown lounging in a tree in the photo below!) will be featured in one episode of the David Attenborough narrated Life Story on BBC. This series airs in the U.S. in early 2015, but if you live in the U.K., you can catch the Fongoli chimps first in episode three (November 6) and then the Dawson feature in episode four on November 13. Check out the trailer to Life Story which features a few Fongoli chimps, including infant male Louie (Lily's first infant!) right at the beginning.

FINALLY, Fongoli chimpanzee Eva (seen in photo below, in baobab tree with fruit) was seen with her first infant on October 24! Eva transferred into the Fongoli chimpanzee group in 2012, most likely from the unhabituated Bantan group to the west and north of Fongoli. It is not yet known as to whether it is a boy or a girl, but you can find updates here soon!

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