Monday, October 3, 2011

New Baby and New Neighbor Ape Project!

Some very exciting news Senegal is that Lucille had an infant in late August, and researchers were finally able to confirm that it is a girl!! Congrats Lucille - one of the most energetic moms (considering her interbirth intervals are relatively short at less than 4 years!). Name for new daughter coming soon. This is Lucille's fourth infant, behind Luthor, Lex and Sounkaro. (Photo above - courtesy of the National Geographic Society - is of Lucille & Sounkaro several years ago, relaxing in Sakoto pool).

Other very exciting news is that our non-profit organization, Neighbor Ape, has been able to move forward with our plans to construct a dormitory for village children from southeastern Senegal. This would enable these children to live in Kedougou and attend school there. Two very generous donors made this project possible - thank you Harold Marder and Jewel Slesnick! Updates on this project soon - including some video of the progress!

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