Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monkeys beware!

It seems the Fongoli chimps have been wreaking havoc on the vervet and baboon populations at Fongoli.  Project manager Kelly Boyer sent this description, along with a report of the latest incident.  Last week, she saw the females with a juvenile baboon.  This description refers to 2 vervet monkey hunts (Bo and his captured vervet monkey are pictured above in a photo taken by Kelly):

"I had told you about Bo the last time and, although I didn't see the hunt, I was able to write about what I saw in terms of begging and food sharing, or lack thereof! This week, however, I was lucky enough to have witnessed the successful hunt of a vervet monkey by Bilbo! The vervet was in the overhead vines that the chimps were sleeping under; he must have been scared out of his little mind and waited at least an hour before he decided to make his escape...unfortunately for him (but fortunately for Bilbo!) his escape was not successful...

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